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We often associate Purple with characteristics such as valor, strength, courage and honor. It is the color of royalty and leaders throughout history. It is this strength of character to step up and speak out that makes a PTSD survivor unique and someone who deserves our support.

There is a great deal of courage in speaking up about PTSD and acknowledging the need assistance. It has been demonstrated over and over again that those who battle PTSD do not hesitate to help others when called upon as they truly understand the struggles experienced each day. Our heroes, both local and global, should be revered as leaders in our communities.

These are the men and women who have chosen to enter professions that are both mentally and physically demanding. They step into harm’s way without reservation when others are running the other direction. They deserve a higher level of recognition for their daily contributions and therefore, deserve a higher level of support when the job has taken its toll on them.

Our black and purple “Line of Courage” represents how we see our heroes and how we want to remind ourselves that that PTSD Awareness is critical. The strongest of women and hardest of men now need our help.

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